Diy ideas to try out this winter #2

Hi there, since exams/finals are killing me, I thought “why not taking a break?” I saw that I didn’t put up a second diy-idea post so here it is!

1. Lip Balm

I go trough lip balm like a knife trough soft butter.  Maybe the expression is wrong, I mean it could be. But you know what I mean. During winter lips get so dry and harsh and hurt all the time. Why spend 3 euros every time you run out of balm? Just make it yourself!

What you’ll need are:

3 tablespoons Coconut Oil
3 tablespoon Shea Butter
3 tablespoons Cocoa Butter 
3 tablespoons Beeswax 
for more information, go to the  website
2. Make your own 30 min knitted scarf
Yes, you own. Yes 30 minutes. Yes knitted scarf. YES
It’s very easy, you need to use your arms, thick wool/yarn and 30 minutes of time.
Here’s a link to a youtube video of someone illustrating how to make it 🙂
3. Make handwarmer
You know winter is synonym for cold and freezing and aaauch. Well there’s this graphic designer mommy girl with a blog who wrote about how she made her kids hand warmers at home with rice and some fabric.
Head over to Rae’s blog and check out how she made those adorable baggies.
4. Make hot drinks
We all know winter is all about coziness. I mean, it gets dark real early, it’s cold so people use blankets on the couch, drinking hot milk, chocolate or tea coffee.
I’m obsessed with tea, I guess that’s widely known by now. During the winter  I prefer cinnamon tea over Mango flavoured tea or my Twinings Lady Grey tea (which is awesome by the way)
Hot chocolate is easy to make and great for these evenings on the couch, but you could make it a little more fun, right? Here’s an example found on Pinterest, for when people are  coming over 🙂
5.Make your own slipper boots
If you ever watched Bunheads, a series about a ballerina who turned temporary into a Vegas girl, than married one of her admirers and then teached the local girls ballet with her mother in law Fanny, well then you would have noticed that they always wear slipper boots outside their ballet class, like right when they want to start or just had finished class. My mom bought me those and I love them, but what if you could make them yourself? Would be awesome, right?
Well I looked up a tutorial, and I found one!
Here  and here it is, go ahead, make them and enjoy them!
So this post has been written real fast, because I needed a break from studying and I also needed to post something before I’d feel bad about not posting anything. I hope you enjoyed reading and I’ll come back at you real quick! 🙂
Have a wonderful life y’all!


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